Sep 06

Targeting Mass Keywords

2007 at 11:10am | by Jay


A few months back when we accidentally discovered a new way of ranking your site easily, I posted a Keyword Elite review which linked to a text file with several hundred lawn mower-related terms.

At the time, it was done to show people how good Keyword Elite was at making up lists, but it had an entirely unexpected consequence. Within a few days, this blog started receiving 50-100 search-ins every day for various lawn mower terms… of course, the true power of this never really hit us… that is, until a few weeks ago when we saw a site for sale on sitepoint that replicated this - except instead of using written content and adsense, it used affiliate products.

The idea is that a brand name is generally pretty competitive - however, brand name + product name usually isn’t; in some cases I see brand names with 1 million - 3 million competing pages, however when you search for the product name, it drops to around 4000 pages.

The site in particular that inspired this idea had a total of 3 spammy-looking backlinks, and was earning $500ish per month off MSN and Yahoo - but perhaps most surprisingly, someone paid over $8500 USD for it.

We should have our site (based on this concept) ready for launch hopefully near the end of September and we will keep you updated - but I must say, looking at the competitive numbers, I can’t see how this won’t work… at least until MSN gets its act together.

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