Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Canada's Olympic Performance

Let me preface this by saying I wrote his back in February at the end of the winter games. I'm not too sure why I didn't post it back then, maybe because it's not very funny.

In any event, on to the blog:

So with the closing of the Winter Olympics, and reviewing Canada's performance I'd say we can't be too unhappy (except with our Men's hockey team who were apparently trying to be 'cute' and that's why they lost). We set a new record in winning most medals, came third place (only behind the states by 1 medal) in most medals won. Overall good job Canada!

I think to commemorate a job well done, Disney should make a sequel to Cool Runnings involving another country's foray into an unlikely Olympic event. I've done them a solid by coming up with a few ideas for the premise:

Who are you guys?
We're the chinese hockey team!

Who are you guys?
We're the San Fransican two man luge team!

Who are you guys?
We're the Canadian Basketball Team

Did you know that 'Handball' is an officially recognized Olympic sport, and has been since 1936? I sure didn't...craziness.


dark_phoenix said...

How about... Venezuelan ice dancing...? Hmm...

4:34 PM


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